Feature #76 Jean-Marc Caracci “representation of belonging”

100% Sicilian heritage, Jean-Marc Caracci was born in Tunisia in 1958… but he has lived in south of France, Montpellier, since his little childhood. Self-taught photographer, Jean-Marc Caracci started using black room at the age of 15, with the help of his big brother who was an amateur photographer. When he was 20, he had the great opportunity to be the photographer of the regiment, where he made the army. He learnt a lot there how to photograph people, and his work started focusing on the Man… the Man as a representation of belonging, rarely as a social object. This constancy in his research is probably a way to identify himself, perhaps a way to compare himself with the others, let’s say a way to think about his quality of human being. His style is clearly inspired by photographers like Henri Cartier Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Raymond Depardon and so on… but also by the American painter Edward Hopper. In 2000, after a long period of 10 years depression, while he quasi stopped photographing [although still making exhibitions], he first came back to Art by writing a novel : “Love and Chickpea Soup” [still not published]. In 2005, he left his job [controller in a highway company]… and started to think about being a full time artist. He imagined and realized [during 3 years] a big European project, “Homo Urbanus Europeanus”, which has been his first work as a reborn photographer.

All images ©2012 Jean-Marc Caracci

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