Feature #75 Neal Hibert “There is no agenda if you don’t want one”

Neal Hibert is a 52 year old Street Photographer from Berkshire, UK. He first picked up a DSLR (Nikon D80) two years ago and started to get into photography. Neal went down the studio and models on location, lights action route and found it to rehearsed and posy, enjoyed it for w while but then it became so mundane. He then struggled for ages with what he wanted to do with his photography. Neal upgraded to a D700 and was still in a rut. After playing around with Macro (which I still love and practice), fast shutter speed stuff, food shots etc etc. His camera then just sat there along with all the expensive gear he had gone and bought, you know, Speed-lights, soft-boxes, stands, the whole works. Neal picked up his camera again several months ago and he hopes that he has found his ‘Happy Place’ in Street-Photography. Neal is still fairly new to it all and photography is only a hobby. Neal has really fell in love with shooting in the street. The reasons? There is no agenda if you don’t want one, no rules if you don’t want them, no boundaries, the street is your studio and everyone out there is a potential subject. Neal is not a ‘In you face’ street-photogrpaher, there are so many ways of getting the shot without actually shoving a lens up someones nose. He uses a variety of tactics to get his shot. The beauty of street is you just never know what is going to happen. Neal Hibert likes walking and anticipating moments, sometimes you just know that something is going to happen and the camera is always there, hopefully to capture it in full flow.

All images ©2012 Neal Hibert

To see more of his work go to his Website.