Feature #20 Ireneusz Luty “Instant impressions”

Ireneusz Luty was born and raised in Warsaw Poland. He graduated in finance and banking in 2004 from the University of Warsaw and moved to Sydney Australia to continue his education.  During his education he continued to further develop his long-time interest in photography. He is a freelance photographer currently living and working in Sydney. His work and personal projects focus predominantly on documenting city life through street photography. His projects attempt to reveal the essence of the place, something beyond the instant impressions and behind the facades. Essence which evokes his ongoing personal journey of memory and experience. Ireneusz likes to use a Canon 5d mkII, Nikon FM3A and a Rollei 35.

All images ©2011 Ireneusz Luty.

To see more of Ireneusz Luty’s work go to his Website or Flickr.