Feature #19 Derk Zijlker “Once in a lifetime”

Derk Zijlker from Amsterdam for a long time has has been interested in streetphotography. His work mostly consists of images of daily life, which he presents in black and white, He like to look out for things like; people on their way, human interactions, and street portraits. He tries to capture spontaneous human interactions in one strong well-composed image; unique ‘once in a lifetime’ moments seen through his lens, which he shoots on a Canon 5D. Besides catching these ‘decisive’ moments, He is interested in city dynamics to tell a story for instance,
How do urban citizens interact with each other in their natural (city) habitat?
How do they use their environment to enjoy life, make new friends or go to work?
Derk is inspired by 20th century heroes like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, Smith, Atget, Herge, and Doisneau.
All Images ©2011 Derk Zijlker
To see more of Derk Zijlkers work got to his Website or Blog.