Feature #18 Guido Steenkamp “Step out on the street”

Berlin based photographer Guido Steenkamp developed his love for Street Photography about 6 years ago. Since then he has been photographing on the streets of Berlin, Vienna and New York to document life in its candid moments. For him the most exciting aspect of street photography is that, without further preparation, all one has to do, is step out on the street and have the camera ready to record those valuable small details of daily lives. Guido mainly uses a Leica M6 Rangefinder with a Summicron 35mm lens and Kodak Tri-X film for his Street Photography. Guido Steenkamp is a member of the German-Austrian Street Photographers collectives Seconds2Real.

Interviews with Guido Steenkamp about his work can either be found on the Leica Portal or Slow Travel Berlin

All Images ©2011 Guido Steenkamp

To see more of Guido Steenkamps work go to his Website or Flickr