Feature #17 Dominic Cicere “Little accidents that make great photos”

Dominic Cicere is from Arlington, VA – just outside of Washington, D.C.  He has been doing photography off and on for about 10 years but recently he got hit with the bug hard.  Dominics street photo philosophy is simple – “I use one lens and one film (Tri-X) – no bag, no extra lenses”.  He believes in the little moments that happen all around us everyday – some triumphant, some mundane – but to Dominic they are all interesting and worthy of capturing.  He feels like he has finally got to the point where he shoots instinctively – and can embrace the little accidents that make great photos.  For example, in the photo ‘Bored’ (pictured below), He didn’t even notice the guy’s head in the right part of the frame until saw the image displayed on a 32″ TV screen.  Photo-wise, Dominic is inspired by all the usual characters – HCB, Robert Frank, and Garry Winogrand – but recently he went to Chicago and saw the Vivian Maier exhibit and it blew his mind.  Dominic said “To think, she took all those photos with no illusions of fame coming from them.  Probably the main reason I take photos is to just get out of the house, take a step back, and breathe it all in – one click at a time”. Dominic Cicere uses a Leica M4-P with a Cosina Voigtlander 35mm/1.4 Nokton lens



Father and Sons



All Images ©2011 Dominic Cicere

To see more of Dominic Ciceres work go to his Flickr.