Feature #141 Marc Provins ‘as the light flickers and changes.’

Marc Provins calls what he does observational photography. Maybe he’s a slow street photographer, as he seems to be drawn to stationary subjects!  Joel Meyerwitz said something before about it being about chance juxtapositions found in everyday life, well yes that is part of Marc’s approach; it’s also about the beauty of very ordinary things.  Marc wrote this to accompany one of his projects, which he thought was a tidy summary of his relationship with photography:

“For Marc photography is a sensuous experience. He’s seduced by the world’s graphic arrangements, a single subject can appear in turns sinister, ridiculous, beautiful or funny as the light flickers and changes. The mundane is never actually mundane and holds the key to understanding the bigger things. By looking at and eventually framing a simple subject, quietly observing the unnoticed, it is possible to start to unravel the complex and cluttered world we have made for ourselves.”





All images ©2013 Marc Provins

To see more of his work go to his website.