Feature #140 John Kayacan ‘no need for fancy lenses, sets, or lighting.’

John Kayacan is a high school student that lives in Los Angeles California. In spring of 2012 he developed a small interest in photography, John started off with a small digital camera shooting basic subjects like bugs and flowers. He soon became bored with it and wanted to find some more interesting subjects to shoot. John stumbled across a topic on a blog called “street photography” he had never heard of it before but it sounded cool and he had all the tools to pull it off, no need for fancy lenses, sets, or lighting. A few weeks later John was fortunate enough  to work with a photographer named John Free. John and his apprentice truly opened his eyes about street photography. Since then he’s set out to try and capture the energy, emotion, and beauty of Los Angeles.



LA cowboy

runnin on the beach

All images ©2013 John Kayacan

To see more of his work go to his website.