Feature #163 Dino Kuznik ‘composition and a pinch of luck’

Dino Kuznik, is a graphic designer working and living in San Francisco, USA (originally from Slovenia). Dino got his first digital SLR in high school and was instantly in love. He had been photographing for quite some time, when he once used an old Praktica MTL3 from his grandfather. The Praktica was very different from the digital cameras which he got to know first. Not knowing what the picture actually looks like and the extra time and effort you take on one frame made Dino hooked, Film had a feeling that he didn’t know before. The joy you experience when you see your developed pictures is just a feeling unmatched. He always liked spontaneous moments and not directed shoots, so street photography is a branch of photography that he respects and adores the most. You have to have guts, be well trained in composition and a pinch of luck always helps. Like one photographer once said (can’t recall the name): “Bokeh is easy.” It’s true. Give a photographer a camera with a fixed aperture of f11 and you can separate the good from the bad in no time. Dino prefers content over technical quality and pretty bokehlicious images. Photography is a creative stress relief for Dino, so he mostly photographs for himself, but was working as a journalist photographer, assistant photographer and retoucher for about 4 years in the past.
Dino always carries with him a film point and shoot camera (Ricoh GR1s) and tries to capture things, people, situations,… that he finds interesting.
All Images ©2014 Dino Kuznik
To see more of his work go to his Tumblr.