Feature #202 Erik Nordblad ‘simple, respectful pictures’

Whether walking the familiar streets of his hometown, Stockholm, or getting lost in Tokyo, Erik Nordblad likes to take simple, respectful pictures of the people and situations he passes by. In his opinion, choosing spontaneity over careful planning helps keep street photography an exciting and fulfilling activity. A straightforward approach works better for him in terms of results, too: “Whenever I try to illustrate an idea, convey a message, or make a visual pun, I end up with a really banal photo. But if I simply take a picture of what’s in front of me, that often turns out quite interesting”, Erik says, adding: “Interesting to me, anyway.”

Bekymrad telefonpratare Basket i Belgrad Kvinna med mopp US_16292_NYC_New-York_USA_2010

All images ©2014 Erik Nordblad.

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