Feature #201 Corinne Wargnier ‘enriched along the course of her urban wanderings.’

Corinne Wargnier is a French street photographer based in Paris.

From an early age she’s been fascinated by photography and especially by the humanist photographers. She started taking pictures with her father’s Leidolf Lordox 24X36 camera and gradually learnt all the technical subtleties. She grow up with a camera always handy.

Corinne explores cities, capturing innocuous actions as if the street was a stage and its inhabitants the actors. The street allows her to incorporate a wide range of situations, a social and cultural melting pot. Her work comprises grace captured in a fleeting moment, drama and mystery as well as humor with a documentary style, enriched along the course of her urban wanderings. Black and white suits the emotion of her attentive compositions. The density and the wealth that emerge from shots in black and white meet all her needs.

All of Corinne’s photos are shot with an Olympus OMD-5, a 4/3 Camera she loves for its performance level, without constrained of weight and bulk.

Corinne is also a novelist.

C.Wargnier #1 C.Wargnier #2 C.Wargnier #3 C.Wargnier #4

All images ©2014 Corinne Wargnier

To see more of Corinne Wargniers work go to her website.