Feature #197 Ronn Beams ‘after the everyday stuff’

Ronn Beams shot his first image whilst still in grade school in the fall of 1948 on a Chicago-made Spartus Press Flash 620 camera. It had two settings: I for Instant and T for Time (bulb). Ronn  taught himself about photography and later taught photography at Marysville High School in the state of Washington.
Ronn turned professional in 1976. Over the next several years he managed three different photography companies and shot home games in the Kingdom for the Seattle Sea hawks and the Seattle Sounders as one of their three official photographers. He left photography in 1981 and got back at it after he retired. Ronn now shoot street views.
Ronn is an American, and photographs Americans. He’s after the everyday stuff, he rarely shoot in big cities, he doesn’t go after the homeless or the down-and-out or the costumed or news events or the exotic. Ronn shoots at fairs and festivals, rodeos, parades, carnivals, beaches, small downtown’s, farmers’ markets – places Americans visit as part of what they do.
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All images ©2014 Ronn Beams
To see more of Ronn’s work go to his website.