Feature #194 Thomas Thorstensson ‘inspiration right outside his doorstep’

Thomas Thorstensson started doing Street Photography in 2013. Perhaps it was his move to the vibrant area of Harlesden in London that got him started. There’s a lot of inspiration right outside his doorstep as there’s a rich mix of Reggae, Colombian, and Brazilian culture in this corner of NW10. And what could be better than following the Street Photography ‘norm’ of shooting where you live. Thomas loves it, he also likes the feeling that comes with documenting life in Photos – whatever area that might be.

The topic of Photography is also interesting in itself. It presents a challenge and the learning threshold is never ending. There is not one right way to do it but many different ways. Some people prefer to shoot from the hip, some folks walk about whilst other stands still, some folks shoot with focus locked at a set distance and beyond. Some overexpose; some love shadows.

Thomas comes from an area of south east Sweden named Smaland – forest country. He spent a fair share of his time around those parts before moving to London in the late 90′s as Thomas took his MA in Philosophy here in town. He then embarked on a career as a freelance web developer/designer which in shorthand style more or less is what he’s been doing since then. Needless to say Thomas will not be leaving my day job anytime soon and looks forward to doing more Street Photography!

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Not me I hope



All images ©2014 Thomas Thorstensson

To see more of his work go to his Website.