Feature #190 Sam Bennett ‘be as discreet as possible’

Sam Bennett, A photographer from Banbury in Oxfordshire is a keen traveler of his own country England, Sam likes to visit many cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and London in hope to add some interesting faces and street scenes to his gallery. Street photography was the first area he tried and Sam never looked back, through study he learn’t techniques for other area’s but always enjoyed the research for Street Photography, as well as the physical image taking. Sam will be taking his final year of the Photographic Practice BA at the University of Northampton.

This series (Shown below) was an ongoing project that he took while commuting to and from classes or cities. Sam would search out interesting faces and sit opposite them to take their photo. Although he preferred shooting on the street, feedback from others was that this was his strongest series. Sam likes to use either his Canon Elan 7 with a  50mm lens or Canon 6D with 24-70mm f2.8 lens. However, for this project he just used his iPhone camera to be as discreet as possible to keep the subjects in their natural state.





All images ©2014 Sam Bennette

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