Feature #189 Bob Andersen ‘extraordinary light in ordinary settings.’

Bo Andersen a 41 year old from Copenhagen, Denmark was bitten by the photography bug when he was 13 years old. His elementary school had a dark room and once Bob had been in the “red darkness” he knew he had found his passion. Though Bob contemplated training as a photographer he ended up in television. He works as a sport and news TV-director. In that capacity Bobs days are filled with cold facts, historic events and the lifes of politicians and sports celebrities . He uses photography as a way to look at life in a more artistic light. To see the beauty (and ugliness) of everyday life, lived by ordinary people.

Though he occasionally shoots weddings and commercial work for artists and bands, he’s not a professional in the sense that he makes his living from photography.  It is his artistic, almost meditational rest from a high paced stressful work environment.

The past 4 years Bob has focused more on street photography, roaming the streets of Copenhagen looking for extraordinary light in ordinary settings. He never goes for a walk looking for specific photos. Bob keeps an open mind and, most importantly, his eyes wide open. As he sees it, great photos are everywhere. You just have to keep looking.





All images ©2014 Bob Andersen

To see more of Bobs Work go to his WordPress.


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