Feature #185 Matthew Seratti ‘yearn to explore.’

The irony of shooting ‘street’ in San Diego is that the city lacks the dense urban jungles that most photographers yearn to explore. Instead Matthew uses the tourist-laden beaches as inspiration for his photography. The sparse urban areas that do exist are commercialized and touristy but Matthew has been able to capture a grittier, darker side of the the town. His photography has both humorous and surreal tones at various times.  Matthew takes pictures for the sheer pleasure of it, with no agenda other than to share what he is seeing with others and to marvel at the strangely beautiful world we live in.  He has had the fortune to shoot with a number of wonderful cameras, but currently finds himself overtaken by the Fuji XT-1, along with 18mm and 35mm lenses.
Color 21-1
All images ©2014 Matthew Seratti
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