Feature #183 Stefan Wulser ‘beaming yourself from the comfty seat’

Stefan is 31 and the guy behind Zuerichs Strassen (Streets Of Zurich) – His street photography book project started in January 2014.  The experience of shooting architecture and landscape with Nikon SLRs was and still is his lab situation to develop and sharpen the important skills to control image language and the eye for details. What this style of shooting definitely lacks is the direct and authentic aspect of documentary or press photography. Stefan bought a Ricoh GR (28mm equiv.) and started again.The move from shift lenses and a well balanced manfrotto tripod to the Ricoh GR is like beaming yourself from the comfty seat of a Mozart piano concert to the front row of Jimmy Tenor performing and destroying some instruments on stage. Suddenly you are close to everything and there is a million of things going on around you. Totally awake and with all senses set to be constantly on alert he tries to be ready when it happens – cause it only happens once.

Stefan doesn’t think technical perfection is important for good street photography (another parallel to good music) but to have a camera you know by heart helps a lot. He has the GR with him whenever he leaves his house. It’s inconspicuous and the handling and ergonomics are superb. Stefan can operate it with one hand and without looking at a display. This allows him to walk in the streets, open doors, talk to people and capture pictures at the same time. There is this strong connection to your environment which only occurs when the technical aspects of the process of taking pictures are not really noticeable anymore. Being with your camera should feel as natural as being without a camera. Henri Cartier-Bresson once said: “Once the picture is in the box, I’m not all that interested in what happens next. Hunters, after all, aren’t cooks.” This sums it up perfectly. Once you released the shutter you don’t have any more influence on how the picture will look. So Stefan tries to not even think about the post processing, framing, editing and stay awake.

Stefan’s goal is to collect pictures from every day life in his hometown Zürich. He will keep all his RAW files ordered chronologically and will select and rearrange and edit them by the end of the year. At the moment – after 5 months – he has 6500 pictures already. To select 80 to 120 pictures for the actual book will be hard and challenging but Stefan is sure it is worth the effort to get a raw and authentic portrait of his city. So far he is delighted the sharp different aspects and characters emerging from the blurry whole. The 4 pictures selected for this feature are all captured within a 500m radius.

All Images ©2014 Stefan Wulser
To see more of Stefan’s work go to his Flickr.