Feature #181 Andy Spencer ‘not one to ask people to look’

Andy is a 38 year guy, living in Manchester, UK. He got into photography seriously about 5 years roughly when he got his first DSLR. Andy played with DSLR’s for a while before ditching it all in favour of the Fuji x series cameras. His current line up consist of the X-Pro (18,35,56) and the x100s, which for him is the ultimate camera.
Andy is fortunate in his job he gets the opportunity to travel to many places (recently, Stockholm, Dubai, Moscow) and most of his photography is taken on his travels. Andy is happy to try any sort of photography from street to landscape, portraits to weddings, but a key aspect for his is emotion… He’s not one to ask people to look at the camera and smile…he would rather they don’t know he’s there to be honest which is why the discrete nature of the Fuji’s suit his style.

Andy has recently moved into film photographer and similar to his Fuji line up, he prefers the rangefinder cameras. He has many, and the family is growing, although his recent additions are the Voigtlander Bessa R3M, the Contax G2 and the Leica M2.





All Images ©2014 Andy Spencer

To see more of his work go to his Website.