Feature #180 Shaun Hines ‘ what happens to come his way’

Shaun Hines is a street photographer who values and promotes Street photography through his personal work and as a tutor with a London based training provider here in the UK. As a direct response to witnessing continued and escalating criticism of this area of the medium and its practitioners Shaun recently started a blog. Shaun would really like his online publication to be an opportunity for other street photographers and members of the public to comment on some of the issues that he highlights as he thinks it is important to create a debate on the subject. It is an art that has proved to be invaluable historically, culturally and Shaun strongly feels that its merits and any other related topics should be considered and debated. With regards to his style and the subject matter Shaun he simply captures what happens to come his way, this could be something poignant, humorous, it could either make comment or raise questions about society or the human condition.





All Images ©2014 Shaun Hines

To see more of Shaun’s work go to his WordPress.