Feature #174 Lord Sid Valera ‘ Full of life and beauty.’

Lord Sid Valera based in Metro Manila, Philippines. Curious and imaginative, he see’s  the world as his playground, full of life and beauty. Sid started street photography in 2007 and fell in love with it. He uses digital cameras for his client based projects and mostly film cameras for his street projects. Sids main camera on streets are compact film cameras, Konica Big mini and a rangefinder Voightlander Bessa R. He loves to lurk in downtown area here in his place and capture the everyday moments as they are part of my memories.   When he’s not taking photos for clients Sid loves to wander the streets documenting everyday life. Photography is his passion.
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All Images ©2014 Lord Sid Valera
To see more of Sid’s work go to his Website.