Feature #172 David Rothwell ‘So many characters’

David Rothwell was born in Liverpool, England and has traveled most of the continents, it was on the Asian continent and in particular the country of Nepal that reignited David’s love for photography.

David’s style has ranged from shooting landscapes to people, and it was people that he finally got truly hooked into street photography, so much so that he has produced two books featuring his work.

Both books are centered around social documentary and he now feels that street photography offers so much more than just a well composed shot, street photography is full metaphors, comedy and tragedy and people juxtaposed in such a way, that you feel there is a purpose in it not just that but a story unfolds before your eyes and your there capturing a moment from that magical story of the street, where ever it may be.

David’s website shows other aspects of his photography, but it’s in the people of the street, that he holds a candle to, so much is going on, so many events that are over in the blink of an eye, but a street photographer captures that, it then becomes history.

So many characters, David’s camera is a stage, and the people are the players.





All Images ©2014 David Rothwell

To see more of David’s work go to his website.