Feature #171 Michael Tittel ‘make all the world feel like home.’

“Photography can make the strange feel familiar and the familiar more strange. It can bring idealism to life. It can make all the world feel like home.”

 Michael Tittel started photography when he was in high school. Michael taught himself the Zone System and shot large format/medium format and 35MM film. He earned a BFA in Photography from Ohio University in 1992 and embarked on a career in commercial photography which lasted ten years. At some point the creative journey photography stood for became, not very creative, as his commercial work flourished. At that point Michael jumped ship, got into art direction and advertising and at that point photography took on an even more personal meaning. It became a way for him to see the world. To make magical his mundane day-in-day-out routine and to document the moments that make life remarkable.

Over the last 5 years Michael has traveled quite a bit and has been very interested in how photography can tell a global, universal story. Through visual approaches that rely on consistency and honesty, He can tell human stories no matter where he is in the world. Themes of disconnectedness, being on the verge of change and human behaviors are what Michaels work explore.





All Images ©2014 Michael Tittel

To see more of Michaels work go to his Website.