Feature #169 Krzysztof Poltorak ‘Life writes the best stories.’

Krzysztof Poltorak born in Warsaw, Poland. He is a IT-specialist, but photography has always been his big passion. In his work Krzysztof uses a few Pentax cameras (analog Pentax ME Super, digital K10D and K5) and manual lenses. Life writes the best stories. No other area of photography proves this better than street photography. This kind of photography involves getting close to people. To do this type of shooting successfully Krzysztof has to be in the scene. This means shooting with wide lenses; certainly nothing longer than 50mm. Krzysztof has always been more drawn to black and white, he likes the level of abstraction it brings. Removing colour simplifies images and allows the viewer to see the shapes, lines and form within an image that may not be obvious in a colour image.





All Images ©2014 Krzysztof Poltorak

To see more of Krzysztofs work go to his Website.