Feature #166 Ka Wing Falkena ‘invisible to the subject.’

Ka Wing Falkena is a documentary photographer based in Amsterdam. His daily routine is: get up, have breakfast, take a shower,  grab my camera and head out. After doing this for several years, Ka Wing really  knows his city and its people well. And about his work he has to be brutally honest, he’s not really good at describing his own photos but others have said that his photos have a certain sadness or loneliness to them. Ka Wing doesn’t like to intrude in other people’s daily lives, which is why he won’t stage a photo or ask people their permission. In his mind, to make a good photo on the street, you have to be invisible to the subject.
The cameras Ka Wing uses for shooting are reasonably old film cameras. The reason why he uses film is that Ka Wing thinks that if you put some effort in it, the results are going to be much more pleasing to the eye. Most discrete cameras nowadays have small sensors and therefore less information and depth of field. With this in mind, He really loves his Leica M4-2 and his Contax T2. They are both small, discrete, silent and have (or can have) terrific lenses.
All Images ©2014 Ka Wing Falkena
To see more of his work go to his Tumblr.