Feature #161 Kevin Shelley ‘a complimentary light’

Kevin Shelley only uses one camera, a Leica M5 with a 50mm 1.8 Canon Serenar and a Canon Serenar 85mm f2 lenses. He shoots Ilford HP5+ film and develop my own film and prints in a darkroom converted from an old chicken shed. Kevin began taking pictures when he received an Olympus OM10 for his 13th birthday. There was nothing he liked more than taking pictures of anything that caught his eye, from overflowing rubbish bins, to drunks sleeping on the pavement. Kevin’s family thought he was mad. Nowadays, he has a fondness for photographing homeless people. Kevin sometimes get a bit of stick from forums saying that I’m preying on the vulnerable. He disagrees as he empathizes greatly with their situation (Kevin was homeless for a short time) and always attempts to portray them in a complimentary light and draw attention to their predicament.
Homeless Musician
All Images ©2014  Kevin Shelley
To see more of Kevin Shelley’s work go to his website.

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