Feature #160 Andrés Jorge Fabrykant ‘always around film cameras.’

Andrés Jorge Fabrykant was born in Argentina in 1984. He studied film making at the Film University of Buenos Aires (FUC) and he did a master degree in Czech Republic at FAMU. Today he lives in Paris and he has already made 4 exhibitions (2011 – Paris, des lieux et de gens – Paris / 2011 – Nomade – Bourg-en-Bresse / 2012 – Tremplin Jaunes Talents – Saint-Mandé / 2013 – Besares – Buenos Aires). Even thought he is a film maker he has been always around film cameras.
All Images ©2013 Andrés Jorge Fabrykant
To see more of Andrés Jorge Fabrykant work go to his website.