Feature #154 Juan Saravia ‘different way of narrative.’

Juan Saravia is a self-taught French-Mexican photographer and writer who lives in Belgium. He bought his first professional camera two and half years ago to take photos of his newborn son. As a writer, In photography Juan Saravia has found a different way of narrative. His passion for photography is based on this: Everything that is outside of us and touches us, is also within us. That’s why Juan Saravia can recognize himself in all people, things, animals and landscapes that appear in his photos. It is this connection with himself and everything around what interests him.

 Juan is currently using a Leica M8 and Leica and Carl Zeiss vintage lenses. I like to mix the old and the new as a philosophy of life.


Girl & Dog


The tunnel

All images ©2013 Juan Saravia

To see more of Juan’s work go to his website.