Feature #151 Fabian Schreyer ‘hidden secrets of everyday life.’

Fabian Schreyer is a photographer from Augsburg, Germany with a passion for candid street photography. Roaming with the camera through the streets turned out to be the best way to raise his awareness for the hidden secrets of everyday life. What Fabian occasionally brings home from his urban explorations are split seconds of the lives of perfect strangers, who unconsciously create magic moments when feeling unobserved in public. The outcome of this is a collection of deeply personal memories, of places Fabian has been to and things he’s seen. Along the way an anonymous and at the same time intimate visual diary comes into existence.

Fabian Schreyer + Augsburg + February 2013

FS + Augsburg + Juli 2009

FS + Augsburg + Juni 2012

FS + Munich + Oktober 2011

All images ©2013 Fabian Schreyer

To see more of his work go to his Website.