Feature #149 Annemarie Pedersen ‘So you don’t disturb the eye.’

Annemarie Pedersen is a 50 year old girl from Denmark that uses a variety of camera gear,  Canon EOS 500D, Samsung 700WB and a Fuji Finepix X20. Annemarie has always loved to take pictures, but when she was young it was a very expensive hobby to take pictures, so it is only for the past 5-6 years that she began to take a lot off pictures. As an amateur photographer Annemarie started in November 2011 to take street photos she finds it funny to take pictures off dogs with their people. Annemarie only take street pictures in black and white, She’s always thought that you see people more in black/white, so you don’t disturb the eye. Her “idols” are Elliot Erwitt and Vivian Maier, they took wonderful pictures in black/white, but she’s always enjoyed other photographers street photos whatever it is in b/w or colour, it is fun to watch people and everyday life from different places around the world.






All images ©2013 Annemarie Pedersen

To see more of Annemarie’s work go to her WordPress.