Feature #144 Clifford Nunez ‘evoke questions more than answers.’

An engineer by profession, Clifford Nunez started out as an assistant photographer at a community photo studio before finding his passion in street photography and documentary. Last March 2012, he was chosen to be part of the photography masterclass by Magnum photographer Alex Webb and Rebecca Webb at the National Museum of Singapore. In February 2013, he finished his masterclass in documentary photography under Alex Baluyut.  Clifford is attracted to the rhythm of the streets, like the nuances and uncertainty of offbeat syncopation, channeled into framed scenes of flows and stops at possibly the right timing. Later on, single scenes evolved into photo stories that follow the tradition of documentary photography. At the least illustrative but often allegorical, his stories come in tight visual packages, just enough to intrigue, draw eyes in, and evoke questions more than answers.
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All images ©2013 Clifford Nunez
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