Feature #139 Julie Hrudova ‘master of coincidence.’

Julie Hrudova (1988) is a portrait and documentary photographer born in Prague, but now based in Amsterdam.  She has a great eye for dynamic composition. Nothing is staged; she is a master of coincidence. Whenever she presses the button, the world stops turning and puts on its best face. Using minimal equipment, Julie  achieves mysterious images which show her impressive technical skill. In her work, she makes the thoughts of the portrayed persons visible. This is why her style is described as being very emotional. Julie loves wandering Amsterdam. Wherever she shows up with her camera, beautiful things occur. She captures split-second situations in which the world shows its gloomy and absurd side. Julie shows a city we all know, but have never seen before.
All images ©2013 Julie Hrudova
To see more of Julie Hrudova’s work go to her website.