Feature #137 Tristan Parker ‘what his mind has already conceived.’

Tristan Parker  lives and shoots in Melbourne Australia. In the mid 1990’s he was in high school where he found his love for the still image. This is something that Tristan worked very hard towards, and through mainly studio work in black and white he graduated top of his class. Tristan started uni in fine arts, but only lasted 6 months before he found that it wasn’t going to work for him as a course of study.
This was the beginning of a long separation from the camera. Recently however he has started to find his feet again and he’s loving the art of street photography. The time in the studio shooting 120mm film on a TLR Mamiya C220 (which he still has and plans on using it) has served Tristan well, in the fact that he has a keen eye for light, shade, and contrast, and how these impact on a black and white image. He’s always shot black and white, and finds that as he shoots more and more its almost as if he sees in shades of grey, but this is something that makes him feel connected to his work as he’s doing it, and is something that fills Tristan with emotion.
A lot of Tristan’s work uses the shapes and lines that are all around us, and he likes to try to use the environment to help him tell the story. He’s finding more and more as he adjust to the fine camera that the OMD is, that he’s able to treat the street like a studio. He can control his lighting by selecting the time of day for shooting, selecting locations based on time, and playing a patient waiting game in certain times to allow the required elements of the shot to merge into what his mind has already conceived.
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To see more of Tristan’s work go to his website.