Feature #136 Jackson Kuebler ‘started with a crappy SD card.’

Jackson Kuebler foray into photography started with a crappy SD card.
Three years ago, he decided he was going to “get his life in order.”  Jackson was going to get a steady job and a steady paycheck and stop drinking.  Everything happened, except the drinking part.  He landed a job as a technical support rep for a camera related product that will remain anonymous (though a definite allusions to what it is will be made).  It was okay.  He learned a lot, especially about cameras seeing as half of his support tickets were usually inquiries into product compatibility, which had him constantly on DP Review as well as manufacturer websites.   Here is a brief list of what he learnt:
  • People are stupid.
  • Professional photographers are a dime a dozen.  Buying the latest Canon DSLR and a copy of Photoshop does not make you a “pro” or give you certain rights and abilities. 
  • Formatting SD cards is highly recommended.  Do you know how many people NEVER delete their files? 
  • Firmware updates are our friends.  They help technology work well. 
  • Some people will never upgrade.
  • We all have that one friend on Facebook that is CONSTANTLY putting pictures of their kids up. Mothers love taking pictures of their kids.  That is why there is a camera market.
  • Kodak made CRAPPY cameras.  That is why they are bankrupt. 

(These our Jackson’s personal opinions.)

Jackson said he could go on, but you get the picture.  All day, usually hungover, he was looking at cameras.  One day, a coworker brought in their new Olympus PEN.  After using a DSLR and being quite intimidated, Jackson found the PEN to be a good fit for me.  Interchangeable lenses with the operations of a point and shoot. The problem was, he was spending all his money on booze and not saving to buy a $400 camera. 
It wasn’t long until Jackson was completely toxic and decided that working was getting in the way of his drinking.  Being unemployed lasted about a month until he landed himself in rehab.  After drying out for two months, Jackson needed something to do or otherwise he was going to be back in the pickle jar.  Then he remembered the PEN he couldn’t afford.  Jackson was visiting a friend in Seattle and needed a camera to take pictures. By now, the PEN was only $300.  Sold.  After a few photo walks and a few paychecks, he bought two more lenses.  A few paychecks after that, he bought another E-PL1 body so he didn’t have to constantly switch lenses (the things we tell ourselves to justify purchases).  Then came Vivian. 
Jackson found known of Vivian Maier work through the website DP Review.  He had no idea what street photography was but he wanted to create images like she had.  He wanted to capture moments that were sad, funny, touching and historical.   Since then, He has been striving to capture street photographs that capture Baltimore in a classical style using 6×6 frames and simple monochromatic one-point perspectives.  His work was recently featured at the Miami Street Photography Festival.
All images ©2013 Jackaon Kuebler
To see more of his work go to his Tumblr.