Feature #134 Lukasz Nowosadzki ‘the world can still surprise’

Lukasz Nowosadzki was born in Warsaw. His interest in photography appeared quite early, but when he started to think about it more seriously quite late – after graduating studies and some years working in public relations. Now Lukasz studies photography and works as a freelance photographer specializing in documentary photography. He co-operates with some photography agencies and work on assignments. In street photography what he like the most is that the world can still surprise him and show Lukasz something unexpected. He tries to have his camera always with him and tries to see and capture these special moments.

Lukasz Nowosadzki was shortlisted in the International Street Photography Awards 2013 – Student category.


_DSC2303 _DSC4131


All images ©2013 Lukasz Nowosadzki

To see more of Lukasz work go to hie Flickr