Feature #133 Hugo Bernard ‘It becomes an obsession to capture’

Hugo Bernard is  a engineer born in south of France, He started photography in 2009.

Hugo has tried all genres of photography but at the end of 2011 he moved to Paris, this for him was very different from the south of France, no landscape, sea and mountain. In March 2012 Hugo’s friend lent him a film camera (canon ae1), He started to shoot urban landscape, street artist and then people. This was the beginning of his addiction for street photography. Now focused mainly on street photography, Hugo shoots during the weekend , on the way to work, in travel. It becomes an obsession to capture some unique moment or fragments of life. Street photography is a passion! Street photography is like a therapy for Hugo, he’s realized 1 months ago when looking into his past photographs, that his street photographs are like the mirror of his feelings, emotion or desire. He shoots subjects witch remind him what he was feeling at the moment. Hugo likes to think of his style as classical, which is inspired a lot by his life in Paris. Most of his work is on b&w films, but recently started a new street project to explore street photography in color.


31-OM2-14082012 (2)

36-M4P-20082012 (24)

TriX400-042012 -  (15)

All images ©2013 Hugo Bernard