Feature #132 Osef Zilberstein ‘The thrill of getting the right moment’

“Street photography is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get.” – Thomas Leuthard

Osef  lives by this text by Thomas Leuthard because he thinks it describes best the nature of street photography. Osef takes his camera with the same lens and he hits the street. He can visit the same place as much as I wants but will get back home and find he has different photos. The thrill of getting the right moment and to capture it is the best feeling for Osef. The moment captured is a moment that will never return, it is either your ready for it or your going to regret it.

A street photographer in some manner is like a hunter, you have your camera,the correct lens and the readiness for the decisive moment. Osef lives in Israel when he find time around his busy life with IBM he gets to the street.





All images ©2013 Osef Zilberstein

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