Feature #128 Greg Jacobs’ ‘There’s an energy in the street’

Greg Jacobs’ first attraction to photography was in high school, seeing his friends running around campus with cameras instead of sitting in math class. He wanted to be running around with a camera and not doing algebra. So Greg took a photo class and discovered that he really loved it. He loved taking pictures, processing film, working in the darkroom and showing and getting a reaction to my photos. Soon Greg had converted a bathroom in his house to a dark room and was printing at home.

Continuing shooting through high school and into college; taking black & white and color film classes. After college, He put the camera down for a long time … finally, about 2008 Greg started helping a couple friends’ bands and thought it would be fun to document the adventures. So he bought a digital camera, a DSLR. Although he was intimidated by the camera at first. The manual was thick and daunting and instead of reading it, He took a class called “getting to know your digital camera” at a local camera shop. This class really set him in motion and from that day on, He’s carried a camera with him everywhere he goes. Literally. Greg has been asked what kind of photography he does … His answer is simple and basic … “I like to take pictures of stuff I think looks cool. I should probably smarten that up a bit by saying: I like the juxtaposition of industry and nature, of street and city, water and sky and how people interact within it … but that’s not me. I just like to take pictures of stuff I think looks cool. I shoot landscapes, clouds, powerlines, urban environments, bands, bus stops, birds … I’ve never really had a photographic concentration” … But for the last year or so, Greg has been all about street photography. He loves walking the streets and taking pictures. There’s an energy in the street, especially in a downtown environment, that he loves. There’s a beauty in the hustle and bustle of a city, in the interaction between the tourists and locals, the businesspeople and the homeless, the affluent and the poor …There’s an energy down there that Greg wants to capture.

Bigger Hammer

Eat The Rich

Grenade Inspector


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