Feature #122 Alan Horsager ‘how we see the world’

Alan Horsager is a photographer and vision neuroscientist residing in Los Angeles.  Alan began shooting seriously in the mid 1990’s and has shot across a broad range of styles including fashion (IMG Models), editorial (Resonance Magazine and Detour), and stock photography (Getty Images).  His more recent work is artistic and personal, combining street and travel styles that merge into a cinematic approach.  Technically, he has used film and digital mediums; large, medium, and 35mm camera systems; and has created his own, homemade lenses for creative control over the images.  These manipulations are inspired by an interest in understanding how we see the world and how subtle abstractions can have dramatic impact on how we view a two-dimensional image.  His work as a neuroscientist at the University of Southern California focuses on the study of visual sensation and perception, including the development of sight-restoring therapies using light-sensitive proteins taken from algae

Hong Kong, China, 2011 _ Wan Chai 1

Kyoto, Japan, 2011 _ Pontocho

Prague, Czech Republic, 2012 _ Waiting for the Tram 6

Tokyo, Japan, 2011 _ Shibuya Crossing 1

All images ©2013 Alan Horsager

To see more of his work go to his website.