Feature #121 Courtney Bailey-Sutton ‘never had to chance to meet them’

Courtney Bailey-Sutton believes that photography can change a person’s life. Here’s her personal reasoning…. Her grandparents passed before Courtney was born, so she never had to chance to meet them. Her parents have made sure to save boxes of pictures, so between the pictures and the stories about them, she feels like she’s grown up with them around. When Courtney was little, she would look through the pictures for hours. If it wasn’t for those pictures, Courtney doesn’t think she would have felt the connection with her grandparents that she know does.  Still to this day she looks through those boxes, which is why she feels is it SO very important to take pictures. She’s loved taking pictures from the time she was a child.

Know a 25 year old, self taught photographer (born and raised in a small town in West Virginia). Courtney graduated in 2009 from West Virginia University with a Bachelors in Sociology and Anthropology, with an emphasis in Criminology and a minor in Philosophy. She’s worked a few jobs out of college (that put use to her degree), but still didn’t feel like she was getting what she wanted out of life. Courtney like most photographers isn’t a “settle” type of girl. So when she got married in August of 2011, her husband told her to do what makes her happy, so Courtney quit her job and started her own photography business!!


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