Feature #120 Fernando Coelho ‘wondering the streets of Lisbon’

 Fernando Coelho is a Portuguese amateur street photographer wondering the streets of Lisbon looking for the decisive moments, mainly humorous or ironic. Fernando has been photographing for a long time and normally was focuses on shooting macro and landscapes with his EOS 7D. Fernando discovered street photography in 2012 and since going to a street photography workshop at the Lisbon center he’s never stopped shooting and he is usually able to produced and post a rewarding street shot every day.
In Fernado’s view the main advantages of street photography is that your in the right mood to start shooting and have the luck of living in a busy place like Lisbon.  Fernando’s main inspirations are Rui Palha and Thomas Leuthard, This is because most of Rui’s photos are made in Lisbon (my own city) and because his photos are really masterpieces where street photography meets fine art, and Thomas because of his amazing gift to “collecting” souls with his street portraits, cool street scenes and, of course, his fantastic e-books that were to me an enormous source of inspiration and street techniques.
Fernado’s photos try to capture street scenes that catch his eye and hopefully the eye and attention of his viewers, being most of the time humorous scenes, ironic or about interesting characters on their living environment.
Mr. Wishful Thinking
All images ©2013 Fernando Coelho
To see more his work go to his website.