Feature #114 Jason Kim ‘sharing of the ‘invisible’

Jason Kim is a freelance photographer living and working in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. He has found inspiration from the stories residing everywhere he’s traveled. Jason decided to navigate away from his past career to pursue his passion for the photographic arts. This hard decisions validity is reinforced with personal truths, everyday- for Jason and his clients. It’s simply an internal light for him. Photography gives him the methods and the results to express his beliefs, false beliefs, intuitions, misunderstandings, and curiosities harbored and fed to maturity, in his sensible surroundings. As one of Jason’s photographic heroes, Garry Winogrand put it somewhat: “Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed”.  And that is a genesis of his work on the streets, which keeps Jason in perspective.  It’s a sharing of the ‘invisible’- things we forget to see day to day.


All images ©2013 Jason Kim

To see more of his work go to his Website.