Feature #112 Vincent Sitbon “the ability to capture something”

Vincent Sitbon  was born on August 18, 1984 in Paris, France. He started photography five years ago, and really found that he enjoyed it, mainly street photography, a couple of years ago Vincent find that this field of photography might be the more interesting, moving, but also maybe the most difficult to learn.  It would be difficult to “describe my work”  he said as he doesn’t especially have a particular way of approaching photography, and that’s what he likes about street photography. Vincent goes out and wanders around with his camera and tries to capture the moments that are of interest to him. This is how Vincent would define street photography : the ability to capture something that nobody saw, a feeling, a picture, a moment. Sicily has been the best experience of Vincent’s street photography he found it a very peculiar atmosphere and loved mood in the streets of Taormina, Cefalu, Palermo, or Syrracusa.

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All images ©2013 Vincent Sitbon

To see more of his work go to his website.