Feature #110 Baru A. Dacasin “his stage, his studio and his playground.”

 Baru A. Dacasin is a street photography hobbyist. The street is his stage, his studio and his playground. Barus images are not scripted, UN-staged and are all natural. He shoots 99.9% film. Barus first camera was a Pentax Spotmatic handed down to him by his father. It still shoots accurately to this day even if it has not yet been serviced since the day he bought it 40 years ago or so. Barus photos serve as a journal about where he’s been, what he has been doing and how he was feeling when he took the shot. All this is for Baru is just a hobby.
barudacasin_01 barudacasin_02 barudacasin_03 barudacasin_04
All Images  ©2013
To see more of  Baru A. Dacasin work go to his website.