Feature #109 Alex Munos “feeling the life and energy of everything”

Alex Muno’s is a relative newcomer to the world of street photography, but it has quickly become a passion (quite an addictive one at that!). Alex is a graduate student, and street photography is sort of a therapy for him. Walking the streets, feeling the life and energy of everything happening around him, and attempting to capture a unique moment that will never occur the same way again. It is refreshing, rewarding, and Alex feels this trains him to notice the smaller details in life.

His gear is all over the map. He primarily shoots Micro Four Thirds these days, with the Olympus PEN E-P3 and a 25mm Summilux f/1.4 being his primary setup, but Alex has also been known to shoot 35mm film and even an iPhone (hey, the camera you have with you is the best one).

Alex Muno’s street work is less about getting up into someone’s face as it as about sitting back, watching a moment unfold before his eyes, giving space to those around him, and documenting what he sees respectfully.

Alex loves how he can walk the same 1 mile strip of sidewalk every day, and every day find something unique to shoot.

P1000340-1 P1000513-3 P1000726-4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All images ©2012 Alex Muno

to see more his work go to his Website.