Feature #108 Niko Noll “fascinated by the giant board game”

Niko is a 21 year old university student with a camera and a passion. He loves to walk the streets and wait for a moment that isn’t ordinary. Niko is from Munich (Germany) and currently studying in Salzburg (Austria). On his travels and in the neighborhood he gets up early and wanders around trying to capture the spirit of the city. Niko is fascinated by the giant board game we have created as humans – giant cities with a even bigger diversity!

For him conceptual photography is an art and street photography is a way of life. It’s all about seeing the extraordinary things in your everyday world. That is why he goes out and walks around the same places, the same streets to find new things where he thought there were none.
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All images ©2012 Niko Noll
To see more of his work go to his website or Flickr.