Feature #107 Marisa Benjamin “naturally meant to be temporary.”

Marisa Benjamin is a photojournalism student at Boston University. She also goes by the pseudonym Skeczh. Growing up in Los Angeles, Marisa always viewed street art as an essential part of the city. Street art inspired her to pursue photography professionally because she wanted to document what is naturally meant to be temporary. The current theme of her street photography is the underlying relationship a community has with its surrounding street art. Marisa wants his photographs to present graffiti and street art the way she sees it, as the poetry of the city, rather than what many government officials dub as vandalism. Her series “Broken Window Theory” aims to eradicate societies negative opinion of public art’s effects on poor communities. Mairsa has actively photographed both the art and the inhabitants of these communities. While she juggles her time between Los Angeles and Boston, Mairsa has traveled to Montreal and New York City for her series as well.

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All images ©2012 Marisa Benjamin

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