Feature #104 Jason Halsall “a growing curiosity”

Jason Halsall was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1979 and came to live in the UK in 1988. He studied Graphic Design and Illustration at University and worked Freelance for some time. Jason also worked as a Junior Graphic Designer abroad and attended Jamaica School of Art whilst I went back for a while.

​In 2008 he became a qualified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP). This knowledge and training gave me great insight into how the mind works. It has also helped Jason to develop a growing curiosity about humanity and our human nature.

Throughout the years he has explored different paths. However Jason always maintained an interest and passion for all creative pursuits. Having said that, Street Photography is something relatively new to him, and he is still trying to find my voice with it.

All images ©2012 Jason Halsall

to see more of his work to his website.