Feature #102 Marco Sacco “personal interpretation of the world.”

Marco Sacco is an amateur photographer. He focuses on people and common things valorization. Photography is therefore a way to re-create memory , a non-textual language to convey his personal interpretation of the world. Marco is struck by the indifference in today’s fast paced society. He stops and stares at people and places that will inevitably mutate and sometimes disappear without a trace. Although he prefers insightful, imaginative, hands on photography related to perception, sensitivity and intuition. Marco puts together snapshots and beyond reality photography in an attempt to penetrate deep into physical reality, putting the viewer in a difficult position. He provokes a strong emotional response : a shift of focus from the subject to human existence.

All images ©2012 Marco Sacco

To see more of Marco Sacco’s work go to his webiste.