Feature #99 Carmelo Eramo “made ​​of strong contrasts”

Carmelo Eramo is a 38 years old photographer from the Southern Italy. He lives in Altamura (BA), Apulia, and works as primary school teacher and teacher of children with special educational needs. He’s mostly a street and documentary photographer. The Southern Italy deeply influences his photographic vision and style. Carmelo loves to photograph and tell his land, and his photographs are almost all black and white, as Ferdinando Scianna said “The South’s pictures, took by the southern photographers, are black.” His photography is made ​​of strong contrasts, as it’s land, a land of dazzling lights and deep dark shadows, white sun-drenched walls and black silent shapes, where “shadow isn’t just the dialectical moment as opposed to the light, it’s also a psychological moment as opposed to the brightness; there is brightness and there is sorrow too.”

All images ©2012 Carmelo Eramo

To see more of his work go to his website.