Feature #98 Roman ” DSLR became of age”

Roman loved photography as a child, his grandfather showed him how to measure the light, the F stops and all the basics. When Roman was around 6 years old he use to have his own dark room and develop his own pictures. As a teenager Roman had other interests and forgot about photography. Fast forward into mid 20’s he started getting back into it with the first/second generation of digital cameras, but picture quality was so bad, that Roman missed film cameras more and more but never went back to it, so he skipped again a few years until DSLR became of age. His first DSLR, Nikon D50 Roman loved that camera, but later upgraded to D90, but noticed that due to its size he did not want to take it out with him and as a result of that after a few more years ended up with micro four thirds system which he takes everywhere, so here we are Roman is back in the world of photography enjoying shooting the streets.

All images ©2012 Roman

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